24 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Social Computing 1

Paper Dogear: Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise
Describes an enterprise social bookmarking service (dogear), supporting shared and non-anonymous bookmarking for internet and intranet sources. Design approach and results will benefit designers of related kinds of social software.
David Millen
Jonathan Feinberg
Bernard Kerr

Paper Stimulating Decision Accuracy using Suggestions
Proposes novel strategies for improving the accuracy and usability of example-based recommender systems and evaluates their performance on user studies.
Paolo Viappiani
Boi Faltings
Pearl Pu

Paper Co-Authoring with Structured Annotations
Describes a comprehensive taxonomy of structured annotations for collaborative authoring based on requirements derived from a field investigation. Structured annotations improve speed and accuracy and thereby improve reviewing workflow.
Qixing Zheng
Joanna McGrenere
Kellogg Booth

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