24 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00


Paper Faster Document Navigation with Space-Filling Thumbnails
Describes the Space-Filling Thumbnails interface for document navigation, which replaces scrolling with page-selection from a thumbnail matrix. Evaluations show large performance advantages over scrolling across various document types and lengths.
Andy Cockburn
Carl Gutwin
Jason Alexander

Paper An Evaluation of Pan&Zoom and Rubber Sheet Navigation
A comparison of Pan&Zoom navigation to a Focus+Context technique, both with and without an overview. Pan&Zoom is found to be significantly faster, while presence of overview improves user satisfaction.
Dmitry Nekrasovski
Adam Bodnar
Joanna McGrenere
Tamara Munzner
François Guimbretière

Paper OrthoZoom Scroller: 1D Multi-Scale Navigation
We introduce and evaluate OrthoZoom Scroller, a mouse-based multi-scale 1D scrolling and pointing technique that performs about twice better than the only other mouse-based multi-scale technique.
Caroline Appert
Jean-Daniel Fekete

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