24 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Listen!: Voice Interfaces

Feedback management in the pronunciation training system ARTUR
Presents a software system to help people with speaking disabilities or foreign speakers improve pronunciation. Provides varying levels of auditory and visual feedback based on user performance, progress and mood.
Olov Engwall
Olle Bälter
Anne-Marie Öster
Hedvig Kjellström

Enhancing Interactivity in Webcasts Using VoIP
Demonstrates a system that combines webcast-style audio/video streaming and voice-over-IP audioconferencing for remote or distributed presentations. Discusses the positive user impact of this combination for when used for eLearning.
Ron Baecker
Melanie Baran
Jeremy Birnholtz
Clarence Chan
Joe Laszlo
Kelly Rankin
Russ Schick
Peter Wolf

VoiceCode: an Innovative Speech Interface for Programming-by-Voice
Describes a tool that uses speech recognition to dictate and navigate source code. May allow programmers with RSI to write code by voice instead of using mouse and keyboard.
Alain Désilets
David C. Fox
Stuart Norton

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